Sponsors & Exhibitors

Virtual Booths

Promote Exhibitors & Sponsors with Cloud Conventions

Virtual booths attract larger attendee audience, opportunities to promote vendors in a virtual environment, the ability to capture contact information and create calls to action along with the analytics to prove that their investment was a wise decision.

Virtual Booths

Standardize booths with templates or allow vendors to create their own design.

Booth Managers

Exhibitor staff add content & marketing assets.  They “man” the booth during the show.

Content & Marketing

Post marketing materials & content to view online, download or share.

Meetings & Chat

Attendees & exhibitors book meetings with each other, join chat  video meeting lounge

Virtual Swag & Points

Capture attendee info when the pickup virtual swag or earn CloudPoints.

Sponsor Sessions

Conduct sessions inside the booth, as part of the event agenda, or sponsor a speaker.

Email Promotion

Send newsletters and emails to promote exhibitors before, during & after the event.

Booth Reports

Exhibitors track activity inside their virtual booth and get reports when forms are filled out.